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Transfer of a Deceased Turkish National to Turkey

In order to transfer the remains of a Turkish citizen to Turkey, please contact a Funeral Home immediately. |

Regulations for Turkey are based on THA Berlin Treaty of 1938.

Human remains must be placed in a hermetically sealable metal casket, the interior of which has been filled to a depth of two inches with sawdust., powdered charcoal, peat or a similar material. If death was due to a contagious disease, the body must be wrapped in a cloth soaked with an antiseptic solution.

The sealed liner must be placed within a wooden box constructed of lumber at least 1 ½ inches thick, with waterproof joints, and the lid must be closed with screws placed eight inches apart. The entire wooden container must be further reinforced by metal hoops encircling it.

The remains of persons who died of smallpox, Asiatic cholera, bubonic plague or typhus fever may not be shipped until one year has elapsed since the date of the death.

Only citizens of Turkey could be transited to Turkey. The airport that the remains will be object to customs clearance (in Turkey) should be indicated.

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Required Documents

  1. Original Nufus cuzdani (Turkish National ID card)
  2. Orginal Turkish Passport
  3. 3 Certified copies of the Death Certificate
  4. 2 Embalming Certificates prepared by the Funeral Home
  5. 2 Noncontagious disease letters (could be prepared by the doctor or the Funeral Home Director according to the Death Certificate)
  6. This service is free of charge

Please allow at least 2 hours for the Consulate to prepare the required documents and translations. To fasten the process, you may fax the above listed papers and then bring the orginals. Our fax number is: (202) 319 1639.

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