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About Turkey: Country Profile
Night and the lights of Istanbul intermix amidst the Bosphorus

The Statistics

Official NameThe Republic of Turkey (Türkiye Cumhuriyeti)
FounderMustafa Kemal ATATÜRK (1881-1938)
LocationEastern Mediterranean. Located on two continents: Europe and Asia. The European part of Turkey is called Thrace, while the Asian part is called Anatolia (or Asia Minor)
Area814,578 square kilometers (314,500 square miles) 
3% on the European continent 
97% on the Asian continent
Population70.7 million (as of 2005)
Population of Major Cities (estimates as of 2002)Istanbul - 10 million; 
Ankara - 4 mil; 
Izmir - 3.4 mil; 
Konya - 2.2 mil; 
Bursa - 2.1 mil; 
Adana - 1.8 mil
LangyageTurkish (in Latin Alphabet)
CurrencyNew Turkish Lira (YTL)
Religion99% Muslim 
1% Armenian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, Jewish, Catholic and others 
(Only country in the Muslim world with a constitutional provision on secularism)
State System and StructureRepublic. Democratic, secular and social state governed by the rule of law; committed to the Atatürk nationalism and based on separation of powers: Legislative power: Turkish Grand National Assembly Executive power: President and Council of Ministers Judicial power: Independent courts and supreme judiciary organs
GNP299.475 billion U.S. Dollars (2004) 
17th biggest economy in the world
GNP Grwoth Rate9.9% (2004) 
1st among OECD countries in 2004
Inflation Rate9.32% (2004)
Unemployment Rate9%
Foreign Trade Volume160 billion U.S. Dollars (2004)
Armed Forces598,000 2nd largest armed forces in NATO
Percentage of Defense Expenditures in GNP 7.3% OECD average is around 6%
Literacy Rate86.50% (2000) 19.25% (1935)
Number of Students16 million
Percentage of Education Expenditures in GNP7.3% OECD average is around 6%
Number of Tourists Received17.5 million (2004)
Tourism Income12 billion U.S. Dollars (2004)
Women in TurkeyPercentage of women contribution to economy: 27%; Percentage of women academicians in Turkish universities: 39% (1st among OECD countries)
Populations of Turkish Citizens Living Abroad5 million (3.86 million of which are in EU countries)
Electricity220 volts a.c.
Measurments and WeightsMetric and kilo systems (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey); (Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey); (Turkish State Institute of Statistics)

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