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About Turkey
General Pcitures of Turkey

About Turkey

Long-influential Turkish history, culture and society span thousands of years, involving countless outside influences and fusions of peoples and ideas. This ever-present cosmopolitan character—from Chinese influenced ceramics, Persian styled art, Arabian and Latin script, multi-continental geography, East-West cuisine—has given a vivacity to Turkey.

And with that attitude in mind, the modern Turkey shies not from embracing the ideas and cultures of today, which in the past have enriched it so well. From modern art, breathtaking cinematography, sweeping reforms, beneficial social institutions and burgeoning economies, Turkey still maintains the balance of a country rich in its own national culture, open to the heritage of world civilization and at home in the endowments of the modern technological age.

Enjoy leafing through this thorough yet concise collection of topics ranging from culture, country history/overview, economics and governmet.

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